New York Times and Daily Beast profiles, Believer interview

A NYT Style section profile, that, though it has nothing to do with style, may still give hope to all fashion-challenged of the world. Discover secrets of a ghostwriter in The Daily Beast. And find out about my earthquake preparedness in an interview with Kathryn Borel, Jr. of The Believer.

Talking Celebrity Culture NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon

Do the Kardashians matter? Answers to this and more in my conversation with Scott Simon on NPR.

In Style, The Guardian, and Vanity Fair

One week until publication, and exciting press continues. The great Curtis Sittenfeld gives the book a shout-out in The Guardian. Also thanks to In Style for including me in their July Book Club. And Vanity Fair’s Hot Type calls it a “hilarious, tabloid-trashing gotcha novel.”

Vogue Best Beach Reads

Vogue says, “Celebrity ghostwriter Hilary Liftin crafts an all-too credible faux-memoir, Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper (Viking), in which an appealing young actress from the Midwest marries a megastar involved in a creepy cult (sound familiar?).”

Press round-up

USA Today included MOVIE STAR in their summer books preview. It was also featured in June’s Good Housekeeping. A second mention in Entertainment Weekly as one of the ten “must-reads” of the summer. And it was in Hollywood Reporter‘s summer reading guide (“4 must-read domestic dramas”).