Chosen by USA Today, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, and as a Great Summer Read.

Liftin, who’s cowritten memoirs with celebs including Tori Spelling, presents her first novel as a tell-all by a star she calls Lizzie Pepper. Married young to an actor involved in a cultlike religion, Lizzie ends up leaving him and…Sound like someone we know? Liftin’s not saying, but her book is dishy fun.

--People Summer’s Best Beach Books

“Hilarious, tabloid-trashing gotcha novel”

--Vanity Fair

“The phrase “beach read” seems made for this fun-in-the-sun frolic of a novel.”

--Boston Globe

“From Pepper’s first date with Rob Mars to her final escape from his cult, Liftin’s sly novel wears its lurid shallowness on its jacket sleeve, and yet her details are careful, funny, and right…”

--VultureBoris Kachka

“A juicy faux tell-all about the price of fame.”


“We love tabloid gossip as much as the next person, and celeb ghostwriter Hilary Liftin gives us a whopping 352 pages of it in this juicy read.”

--In Style

“A debut novel guaranteed to ring true.”

--The Hollywood Reporter

“In this star-studded roman à clef, [Lizzie] Pepper tells her side of the story.”

--Entertainment WeeklySummer Books Preview

“A kooky story by real-life ghostwriter about a celebrity romance gone way off the rails.”

--Good Housekeeping

“A surefire hit…the beach read of the summer.”

—Library Journal

“Dishy Hollywood fiction at its finest from an author who traffics in the truth behind tabloid headlines.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“A surprisingly poignant look at making yourself the hero of your own story, in a very anti-Cinderella way. Readers will enjoy speculating about the real-life A-list celebrity inspirations, which adds to the already juicy entertainment of Lizzie’s story.”

—Publishers Weekly

“When we worked together, Lizzie Pepper was always the good girl, the confidante who kept all our secrets. It’s empowering to watch her now smash Hollywood rules by revealing the truth of her marriage that the tabloids never got, in her witty, juicy, and addictive story.”

—Nia Vardalos

“This fairy tale romance turned nightmare of marital imprisonment has all the hallmarks of a heart-pounding, sprinkled-with-wit, Hollywood thriller. But what’s more impressive—and indeed disturbing—is that is also feels wholly plausible (and impeccably observed). Almost as if it had actually happened to a certain someone.”

—Evgenia Peretz

Praise for CANDY AND ME

“Candy and Me may be the greatest book ever.”

—Entertainment Weekly

“A lovely and lyrical memoir.”

—Vanity Fair

“Candy and Me is delightful, a hilarious, counterintuitive romp…”

—USA Today

“Liftin’s writing is fluid and engaging, inviting consumption at one sitting…”

—Publishers Weekly

“What makes the book work is the spot-on confessions that make girly faves like Bridget Jones’s Diary so memorable.”


Praise for DEAR EXILE

“…An articulate, heartfelt take on the rarity of true friendship.”—Entertainment Weekly

—Entertainment Weekly

“An encouraging look at the post-college world as well as a tribute to female friendship. It seems that there is, indeed, both life and friendship after college.”

—USA Today

“Engaging travel literature, a witty exploration of modern women’s lives, and a testament to the power and blessing of friendship.”

—Publishers’ Weekly

“Elegantly written, this correspondence reads like miniature essays onsubjects as diverse as loneliness, clementines, the joy (and pain) of cybersex, and how to behave while one’s concrete hut is being exorcised. Above all, this book affirms the power of friendship as expressed in the nearly lost art of letter writing.”

—Kirkus Reviews